We’re known for our expertise and knowledge in one-to-one, hands-on concentrations for defense.

Providing NRA Certified Basic and Instructor courses in the following concentrations: 

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Home Firearm Safety, Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Shotgun Shell Reloading, CCW, and Refuse to be a Victim courses.


Instructor, Greg Wynot

Founded by Chief Firearm Instructor Greg Wynot, an appointed NRA Training Counselor and Regional Trainer, his mission has focused mainly in the  United States where he has dedicated his expertise to educate and train individuals from military, state agencies, law enforcement, to civilians.

With Greg’s years of experience and broad knowledge of the firearms industry he also serves as Range Developer and Engineer for development of new shooting facilities across the country, and composes Standard Operating Procedures for such facilities.

Chief Wynot currently serves as the Civilian Firearms Instructor at Gulf Coast State College, conducts training classes, seminars, consults, provides expert witness testimony in court cases, and firearm lessons at a private range and throughout the United States. He has served as the Chief Range Safety Officer / Trainer for the Tallahassee Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. until January 2014, in addition to countless other locations. Chief Wynot is an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and USPSA Range Officer.

Chief Wynot is certified through the NRA as a Training Counselor and Certified Instructor in the following disciplines:

– NRA Certified Shotgun

– NRA Certified Rifle

– NRA Certified Pistol

– NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety

– NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home

– NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home

– NRA Refuse to be a Victim Regional Counselor

– NRA Range Safety Officer

– NRA Chief Range Safety Officer


WDY offers comprehensive training in the following areas. Courses are available to any level of individual or groups from trained professionals looking for refresher courses to civilians interested in learning more about firearms as a means for protection.

  • Concealed Carry License Classes
  • Intermediate Defensive Handgun
  • Urban Combat/Defense
  • Gun Cleaning & Storage
  • Competition Shooting
  • Any private gun lesson to suit your needs