I just took Greg’s course and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for firearms training. He was recommended to me by a friend who was also very happy with their training. He was very knowledgeable, highly qualified, friendly and didn’t rush. I was able to take my time and get used to the feel of my new gun. The course was also held on his private range with no distractions. If you are reading this and need firearms training of any kind, you should at least give Greg a call.
Wow! What can I say Mr. Wynot is the Best instructor in the State of Florida!!! I just got done with the NRA Pistol instructor course and Mr. Wynot is a genius with a gun!! The material you get is top notch and keeps you focused on every aspect of what he is teaching. He also involves you in the literature to show you the proper way of handling and dissolving a situation with and without your firearm. Just an all-around great fantastic guy!
Carlos C.
I took seven courses from Greg. You will not find a more relaxed, easy-going, and knowledgeable teacher. His knowledge is encyclopedic. His experience and anecdotes – the why behind the what – support and elucidate the instruction. He corrected my mistakes like a paternal guide and not a humiliating know-it-all. He is patient and careful and you will leave the course feeling like a competent, responsible gun owner.
Stephen H.
THANK YOU!! I really enjoyed the class, and meeting you. I am impressed with your quality of instruction and your dedication to excellence. I learned a lot, and you really helped me feel welcome and at ‘”home”. I look forward to completing my membership package (will try to button it up this evening) and being able to hone my skills in shooting and handling my weaponry in an atmosphere of respect for firearms and freedom. I really liked the paper plate target, as it gave me a much better view of my shooting. Thanks again, Greg.
John L.
I wanted to thank you for the training this past weekend, it was very beneficial and showed me what I need to concentrate on for my business. You are a great instructor and have a lot of experience to share. Seeing how it should be done was great to see so I know how I need to teach. Thanks again!
Michael R.
I want to reiterate how much I enjoyed the course, both content and other attendees. A great bunch of fellows and a pleasure to meet them and learn about teaching methods on the safe handling and use of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. I was knocked out by the HFS course and think that has a lot of use in today’s world.
Mike E.
I highly recommend Mr. Wynot to anyone who attends SDI. He is such a great professor with tons of knowledge and resources to back his information. He responds to emails quickly and answers any and all questions I have. He is very fair when it comes to grading. I feel I have learned more from this class just from having him as a professor. 10/10
First off, thank you again for your assistance! Next, how do I get you a “tip” for all of your help? I believe in doing right by everyone, but especially those that go the extra mile to help me! You see Greg, you’ve done more to help me already than the individuals that have known of my desire to make my dream a reality, and for that, I’m truly grateful!!!! Dude, you are a God-send! Have a great day!!!
Tony B.
Greg, Thank to you for the safety training. Because of your help we had no safety issues for the event. Good safe fun was the result.
Robert W.
I just want to say that I had a wonderful time taking your courses. Now the work begins! Setting up an LLC, banking issues, EIN from the feds, Business License, and waiting for the NRA to acknowledge my certifications. Thank you!
Steven M. R.
Greg, just wanted to say thanks for your time today in giving me the 1-1 course at your place. I found it to be interesting and informative and I applaud your professionalism in presenting the material.
Sam B.
It was an excellent lesson and a nice break from my regular routine!! Looking forward to the next lesson!
Doug B.
I would recommend Greg Wynot. He provides personal instruction at affordable prices and he is good.
Ray S.
Hi Greg, Wanted to thank you again for a great class last Thursday.
Kelly F.